Why Kappas?

Am I really so extra as to write a whole blog post about why I love my sorority and greek life? Yes, yes I am. Especially with my last recruitment season starting up soon, just gotta use this time to spread the word about an organization I love. Our recruitment theme for Spring 2020 is Growing Together, so perfect time to reflect on the growth that I’ve seen in myself since becoming a sister.

To preface, Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority Inc. is an Asian-interest but not Asian-exclusive sorority that is currently present at 32 schools across the United States. Our pillars are sisterhood, service, and cultural diversity.

I have been a sister of Kappa Phi Lambda for a little over two years now since I joined my first semester my sophomore year. I know it sounds cliche, but even as a soon-to-be-graduating sister, it is still the best decision I have made of my college career.

Throughout my freshman year of college, I was involved in a lot of organizations and I made wonderful friends through them, but I still felt like there was something missing. My best friend joined Kappas the semester before I did and introduced me to a handful of sisters over the summer. Getting to know sisters over that summer semester, while seeing the bonds they had, and how welcoming they were to me before I even became a sister was really heartwarming to me. I went out to recruitment events the following Fall semester and the rest is history.

I went in with the mindset of looking for a concrete friend group of confident and empowered women and I have gotten so much more. Through Kappa, I have gained a support system of sisters that will surprise drive over just to give me a hug when I’m sad and a Big sister that is miles away but always manages to give me amazing advice and be there for me whenever I need her.

I have grown into a more strong-willed and outspoken woman through my sorority. My sisters have taught me to not be afraid to try something new or speak up when‌ I have an idea or opinion. I used to be terrified of being wrong or making mistakes, but my sorority has given me an environment where I’ve learned that it’s okay. We’re all always learning and you should never be afraid to voice your thoughts.

My active life within my sorority has given me more than I ever could have imagined. I’ve been able to help facilitate growth in our pillar of service as community service chair and be co-program educator to a group of nine wonderful gals. I’ve had fun travel experiences to New York and Chicago as well as countless day trips around‌‌ Florida with sisters. These relationships and memories are ones I will cherish long after my college career is over.

Something that I‌ hear a lot from people that are interested is that “I’m not sure if I’m ready…” or “I don’t think this is the right time…”. I‌ believe that there really is no right time to rush, because we’ll always be busy, have other priorities such as classes and other extracurricular activities, but if it’s something you’re interested in and feel like a sisterhood would benefit you, then I truly believe that now is the right thyme. 😉

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