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The Museum of Us by Tara Wilson Redd (ARC Review)

🌟 3 stars 🌟

I thought I would enjoy this book more than I actually did. It was challenging to get through for me, because I felt like the characters fell flat and the plot was a little confusing to follow.


Secrets are con artists: they trick you into letting them out.

Sadie loves her rocker boyfriend Henry and her running partner and best friend Lucie, but no one can measure up to her truest love and hero, the dazzling and passionate George. George, her secret.

When something goes wrong and Sadie is taken to the hospital calling out for George, her hidden life may be exposed. Now she must confront the truth of the past, and protect a world she is terrified to lose.

Thank you Netgalley for an eARC copy of this book! 

This book revolves around a girl named Sadie who is put into a mental institution after she crashes her car and screams for a man named “George”. The thing is, George isn’t real and is a figment of Sadie’s imagination.The book is told by weaving between adventures with George, Sadie’s stay in a mental institution, and flashbacks that tie into the rest of the story.

I tried so hard to enjoy this book. I ended up putting it on hold for a bit when I was around halfway through. I picked it back up because I wanted to finish it. I felt a little connection to Sadie, but the rest of the characters felt pretty two-dimensional. There also didn’t seem to be much character development or plot until the last few chapters of the book.

I did enjoy the Harry Potter references in the chapter titles though. I was also able to relate to Sophie in how she would prefer living in stories to the real world but not the extent that Sophie does in the book. I liked that the author tackled mental illness as well as how Sadie perceives her struggle and living in a mental institution. Overall, it is just one of those books that I did not really dislike but I didn’t really like either.

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