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Demon: Brimstone and Blood by Ellis Everley & Ellen South

🌟2 stars🌟

This book is a short story that I received from Hidden Gems and that I have chosen to voluntarily review. I am still not quite sure how to gauge short stories, because I love books with a lot of world building and character development which is something I have found that short stories lack. This lead to a two star rating of this book for me.

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Her Mad Hatter by Marie Hall

🌟 3 stars 🌟

Romance novel covers always make me a little uncomfortable because of their tendency to be quite revealing. Her Mad Hatter by Marie Hall was a quick read that took me a few hours since it was only a little under 200 pages. I really just wanted something to read between The Cruel Prince and when my copy of Scythe would come in the mail, so this suited perfectly. For such a short book, it kind of fell short as well, as I would only give this book three out of five stars, since everything was rushed and I was not the biggest fan of the main character.

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Failsafe by Anela Deen (ARC Review)

🌟 4 stars 🌟

This story was so cute overall! I loved seeing the character development in Sol and Echo as well as watch their relationship progress. I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars, just because I wish the world building was better. I felt like I was randomly thrust into this world with all this technical jargon without adequate information leading up to it. There are some minor spoilers in my review and thank you Hidden Gems for the free ARC of this book!

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