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Resonance by Jennifer Greenhall

🌟 4 stars 🌟

Whenever I have a bit of free time, I’ll request a book or two from Hidden Gems. Out of the few I have been sent and approved, Resonance by Jennifer Greenhall has been one of my favorites. I would give this book four out of five stars, just because I believe the romance in the book was a little too rushed and unrealistic.


A psychic assassin. A whirlwind romance. Can Sophia find love and survive?

As extraordinary abilities emerge in the human race, Sophia Walsh uses hers for good, protecting the innocent, rescuing hostages in war zones, even tracking down nuclear weapons.

But not all of the gifted are so benevolent, and after a loved one is murdered, she herself could become the next target.

Enter Nate, good looks, endearing smile, magnetic charm. He’s drawn to Sophia and captures her guarded heart, but can they track down the killer before it’s too late?

Resonance is the first book in a series of steamy paranormal romance and urban fantasy novels. In the spirit of Patricia Briggs, Kresley Cole and Karen Marie Moning, Resonance invites you to a high-stakes battle for the future.

I was hooked from the beginning since it takes place during 9/11 from the protagonist’s point of view. I think this author also did a great job of world building, so I wasn’t left confused about how their abilities play into everyday life.

Although, Nate and Sophia’s relationship seemed to progress extremely rapidly. It makes some sense that they would get together so quickly since they were good friends first years ago, but it seems like once they got comfortable with each other again they jumped right into a relationship. Then it just progressed even faster from there as they acted like characters they had been dating for months/years instead of a few days. The book did mention a lot about how they were moving pretty quickly and how their feelings are different from a regular relationship, so it seems intentional. Nevertheless, I did enjoy reading about the progression of their relationship and it did grow on me.

The focus is definitely more on the love story with the action taking more of a backseat. When there were action scenes though, they kept me enraptured and worried about the character’s well-being. It was a cute and enjoyable read overall.

I voluntarily reviewed this book after receiving a copy from Hidden Gems!

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