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Obsidio by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

🌟 All the Stars in the Universe 🌟

The last book of The Illuminae Files trilogy was such a roller coaster of emotions. It didn’t make me cry as much as Illuminae, but it definitely tore at my heart in some parts. Obsidio is filled with humor, heartbreak, and hope. What an amazing finale. This review will contain spoilers for Illuminae and Gemina.

“The die is cast. But today we will shake the table upon which it lands.”

There are so many moving parts to this book, but it didn’t feel confusing. We have seven protagonists now all playing their part in saving themselves and exposing BeiTech for its heinous crimes. Obsidio simultaneously follows the rising resistance against BeiTech on Kerenza IV as well as the events on the Mao as the crew tries to figure out how to get to Kerenza IV in one piece and take control of the Magellan.

Obsidio introduces two new protagonists, Rhys Lindstrom and Asha Grant, who are both stuck on Kerenza IV and former flames in each others lives. Asha is Kady’s cousin that we all thought was dead until now and Rhys is a BeiTech specialist that was transferred from working on repairing the Magellan jump platform and introduced to the horrors going on on Kerenza IV. Not my favorite out of the male protagonists and I feel like I wasn’t able to connect with him as much as I did Ezra or Nik.

“I think we do live on. I hope we do. But I don’t know, so I have to believe. Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes I wish I was better at it.”

Asha Grant is the first female protagonist that is introduced in this series that is just a “normal” girl. She isn’t a technological genius like Kady or Ella and she doesn’t have multiple black belts like Hanna. She is just a girl trying to survive as best she can which was a refreshing change. She is a member of the resistance on Kerenza IV and doing her best to get the word out about the genocide that has happened on her home.

If I’m honest, I can’t remember a memorable quote for Rhys but I do remember the 312038 times his perfect quiff is mentioned.

Rhys Lindstrom is Asha’s ex-boyfriend who she lost contact with three years ago when they were literally shipped off to different planets after an incident. Since the attack on Kerenza, he has been working on repairing the Magellan jump station and was completely in the dark about what was happening planetside. After the specialist on Kerenza dies, Rhys replaces him and is forced to face what immoral actions that BeiTech is doing to Kerenza survivors.

I also could go on forever about how amazing Kady, Ezra, Hanna, Nik, and Ella were in this book, but I don’t want my review to be the size of a novella. Let’s just say they started out as strong characters and ended as strong characters as well. They all fought hard for what they believed in and to the best of their ability which is all we really expected of them. They had to make hard decisions that I don’t think I’d be able to make under the same circumstances.

“I am not good. Nor am I evil. I am no hero. Nor am I villain. I am AIDAN.”

Then there’s AIDAN. Everyone’s favorite mass murdering AI. After a redemption ARC in Gemina, the crew trusts AIDAN again to make the best decisions. They should have learned from AIDAN’s previous actions that it will choose the best logical decision over the best morally right decision. Nonetheless, I still loved reading AIDAN’s input and about it’s actions within this book. I’ll miss reading about AIDAN along with the rest of The Illuminae Group.

Overall, this book was amazing and I am satisfied with the way it ended. Just like the other two novels, this one was filled with plenty of action  I am so sad that I won’t be reading about The Illuminae Group kids anymore though. I hope Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff choose to release novellas about them in the future even though their stories are all cleanly wrapped up.

None of us are perfect. Not people, not corporations. But we have the opportunity to determine our fates day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, with the choices we make and the actions we take.”



  • Isaac Grant omg. The SWEETEST DAD of The Illuminae Group. I thought it was so cute that he wrote them all handwritten notes about how proud he is of all of them and how even in the worst situations he would chastise them for their language.
  • I have the urge to reread this trilogy already because of knowing who the narrators are now which I feel like would make me enjoy it more the second time around.
  • I had to put the book down for a bit when I thought Ezra and Nik died. I had some actual pain for a second.
  • Also, I’m not really a fan of making AIDAN have feelings for Kady cause that’s just a lil weird to me, but it did explain the AI’s actions I guess.


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