Failsafe Fan Box Unboxing

First and foremost, I apologize for not posting in a l o n g time! This semester of college got really busy for me really fast and never really slowed down until now since I have a little break for Thanksgiving. I’ll explain my lack of posting in another post (ironically).

Moving on, I wanted to tell y’all about this wonderful box sent to me by Anela Deen! I am so thankful to have been able to receive this box and review it for y’all! I posted a bit about it on my bookstagram earlier this month. 🙂  If y’all don’t remember, I reviewed her book Failsafe earlier on my blog and now she has created an entire box with goodies inspired from the book! 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Epilepsy Foundation, so I highly encourage y’all to buy one.

Now onto the goodies that are inside this box:

signed copy of Failsafe!

When I read this book, I received a eARC of it, so I was over the moon to finally have a physical copy let alone signed!

A one of a kind book sleeve!

Y’all I love florals, so I was so excited about this book sleeve design! It fits my paperbacks quite well.

Magnetic bookmarks of Sol & Echo!

I was so happy to add these to my evergrowing collection of magnetic bookmarks. This couple managed to warm my heart in just one standalone novel and now I can carry a little bit of them with every title I read! These were also made by one of my favorite stores: Dreamy&Co!

Double Sided Print!

Honestly, if I hadn’t read the book already, this quote by itself would be enough to make me want to read it because it’s just so cute! On the other side, is an adorable drawing of Echo and Sol!

Custom-made “Alarm Red” earrings!

One of my favorite colors is red and it’s also a cute reference to the novel, but these earrings are simple yet fashionable! Unfortunately, I get allergic reactions when I try to wear most earrings, so I haven’t tried to wear them yet but maybe I’ll brave it in the future just for a little bit.

Open Sky scented candle by FlickTheWick!

I have heard so much about FlickTheWick, but I just never got around to being able to order candles. Thankfully, there’s one that came in this box and the scent is light & fresh!

Unfortunately, I took all these photos right before heading home for the holidays and I completely forgot to take a photo with all the items in it, but if you’re interested in ordering a box you can do so hereAlso, I apologize for some of the photo quality, because I took some of them while in a study room on a study break. Again, I’m really thankful for the chance to review this box and to Anela Deen for also bringing these characters and their story to life.

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