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Demon: Brimstone and Blood by Ellis Everley & Ellen South

🌟2 stars🌟

This book is a short story that I received from Hidden Gems and that I have chosen to voluntarily review. I am still not quite sure how to gauge short stories, because I love books with a lot of world building and character development which is something I have found that short stories lack. This lead to a two star rating of this book for me.


A young girl’s been brutally murdered.

Experienced exorcist, Father Simon, thinks it’s the work of vampires, but his Demon Hunter trainee Cait Murphy thinks he’s got it wrong.

Worse, Cait’s part demon.

And the only way she can stay human, and keep social services from taking her young sister away, is for Simon to inject her daily with the addictive drug Brimstone, so, you know, the girl’s got problems.

But she also has a lead; an ancient ring was left at the murder scene and Cait sensed a taint of demon on it. But as the ring slowly gives up its secrets, Cait’s life starts falling apart. She goes behind Simon’s back, puts her friends in danger, and her sister goes missing.

Can Cait find the demon before another life is lost? And can she find her sister before the authorities turn up at her front door?

Cait’s character is incredibly protective over her younger sister, Neve, who she has left in the dark about the whole half-demon thing. She was a flawed character, but I didn’t expect anything else from a drug-addicted new adult who has had to basically raise her younger sister. She definitely did not always make the right decisions, but did what she felt was right, which is something I admire in a protagonist.

This book did not really talk too much about Neve, even though she also was a pretty central character to the plot. All I really remember about her is that she is a smart girl who ends up getting kidnapped by some weird cultists to be used in a ceremony.

I haven’t read too many short stories, but this was an okay, quick read. It was really easy to see everything play out in my head since the imagery was well-written. Although, I wish there was more world building, because I was very curious on HOW the existence of these demon/angel genes happened as well as how other supernatural creatures are able to roam the earth in this book’s world.

As a forewarning, this book is interesting but detailed in the gory scenes.


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