20 Wishes for 2020

Surprise! Over the holiday breaks whenever I’m back home, it gives me time to breathe since I am always so busy up in my college town. This past semester has been especially hectic with balancing classes, internship, work, and extracurriculars. I am hopeful that the last semester of my undergrad career will be more free and give me more time to do things I want to do like continue to write and update this blog.

If you haven’t realized by now, this isn’t a book-related post. Part of what inspires me to come back is that I want to write more of just what makes me happy and what’s on my mind rather than just book-related content.

As this decade comes to an end, I wanted to reflect on my wishes that the start of the new decade will bring. For me, 2020 will be a year of big changes with my college graduation and starting a full-time job looming around the corner. I’d be lying if that wasn’t a little terrifying.

1. Going off of that my first wish is for strength.

As much as I’d love for the next year to just be filled with sunshine and daisies, that’s a little unrealistic to ask for. My wish is for 2020 to continue building upon my foundation of strength, resilience, and perseverance through whatever life may throw at me.

2. My next wish is for peace.

I’ve done a lot throughout my undergrad years and I’m ready to slow down a bit more. I want to rediscover what I’m passionate about and pick up a few hobbies. My life has been running between all my responsibilities and less taking time for myself and what makes my heart happy. I wish for peace and being mindful of the present moment in 2020.

3. I wish for a smooth transition into real adulting.

To think that in a few months I won’t be in school anymore after being in school for the last like 16 years of my life is a little scary. Although, I did intern over the summer and I enjoyed the amount of free time only holding a full time job gave me. I hope that the transition into my first job after graduation will be smooth between probably moving, adjusting to a new workplace, and getting into the groove of their company culture. I wish the same for all my friends going through big life transitions as well.

4. I wish for love.

I wish for quality time spent with my loved ones. All the small moments that create memories I can hold dear to me especially with my college friends where our paths will probably go in wildly different directions after graduating. Also, who knows?‌ Maybe 2020 will be the year I meet my person, but in the meantime I‌ will cherish the love in all the little moments.

5. I wish for laughter.

I‌ feel like I‌ am honestly one of the easiest people to make laugh, but I wish for lots of moments where I‌ laugh so hard it hurts. I wish for more jokes, more roasts, and just more fun!

6. I‌ wish for confidence driving.

I am one of those people that put off getting my license for ages. I‌ hope to get comfortable driving and acquire it soon so this is a wish for early 2020. I‌ am so grateful for all my friends that didn’t mind scooping me to take me places with them over the years, but I think it’s about time I face my fears.

7. I wish for less screen-time.

Although this sounds easy, it is terribly hard for me to stay off my digital devices especially going into a field that requires using computers every day of my life. I just hope to be able to take the small steps and spend less time on my phone and my laptop when I can.

8. I wish for more adventures.

I love traveling and I’m glad I got to explore more of New York and Georgia this year. I hope next year brings more adventures especially with my friends being all over the world. I‌ wish for the ability to visit them and experience the wonders of the world around us.

9. I wish for more writing.

Even if I don’t post on this blog often. I wish that I’ll be able to keep up a routine of writing a bit every day. Writing is just a way to relieve stress and a wonderful outlet for my thoughts. I won’t be writing any books anytime soon, but I do want to move writing more up on my priority list.

10. I wish for less stress.

I’m not sure what it was about 2019, but this year was hard. It was just so stressful with life throwing a lot of unexpected situations at me all in close succession. I just wish that I don’t have a repeat of this year’s turmoils.

11. I wish for happiness.

Going off the previous point, I wish for more happiness for my loved ones and I. I only know a fraction of what the people I‌ love go through and I‌ just wish the best for them. I wish that we’ll have more time to experience more of what makes us happy.

12. I wish for more time spent in nature.

Literally like half of my bucket list for my last few months at UF is to explore more of the nature areas in Gainesville. I want to go to the springs or go on nature trails. I want to road trip and go hiking and camping with friends. The best part about interning in Georgia this past summer was just the amount of trails I got to do and I hiked a mountain for the first time. I’d love to continue that momentum in the new year.

13. I wish for more conventions.

Conventions are normally where I feel the least awkward. I think I stopped going for a few years because I started college and life was hectic, but I went to my first convention in a few years over the summer and fell back in love with cosplaying and going to them. I first need to figure out where I’ll be after graduation, but from there I wish to be somewhere that has conventions and a cosplay community.

14. I wish for more quality time with my kiddos.

I am a literal proud momma whenever I talk about my sorority kiddos. I’m glad to have my last active semester be their neo semester, so I get to bother them lots before I graduate. I wish this new year will bring lots of quality time and memories with them before I graduate and depending on where life takes me I’ll probably still pop by to visit them afterwards.

15. I wish for more self discovery.

I feel like I go through these phases of figuring out what I feel is best for me. There’s a lot of things that I’m still figuring out for myself from what my ultimate end goal in life is to even just what the best ways of managing stress are for me. I hope this new year brings more clarity and self discovery.

16. I wish for more meals made at home.

Due to being so busy and also lack of a license, I‌ have eaten out way too much over these past few years. My parents gave me an air fryer over this winter break, so hopefully that’ll make it easier for me to make quick, easy meals at home. I wish for the time and patience with myself to cook more food!

17. I wish for more concerts.

It’s been 22 years and I still haven’t been to a concert. Unless you count Gator Growl in my freshman year or a Straight No Chaser concert I worked a few weeks ago, but I don’t really count those. I’ll be going to my first concert in January and I‌ hope 2020 brings more good times with friends and good music.

18. I wish for success.

Ideally by the end of 2020, I want to be independent and have settled into a full-time job that I‌ love. All I wish for is to graduate, obtain a job that I‌ love and aligns with my values, and that will allow me to give back to the community and help my family. If I can achieve all of these; that is success to me.

19. I wish for a consistent skincare routine.

There are just so many products out there and I’m still trying to figure out which ones are best for my skin, but I‌ wish for a good and consistent skincare routine in 2020. I see the tons of expensive skincare products that some of my friends have and maybe I’ll try some little by little to see which works best.

20. Lastly, I wish for more memories.

Just because it’s the start of a new decade doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a lot of huge changes and that things will be drastically different. Although, just like every other year I know 2020 will have some expected and unexpected times in store and I’m here for it.

2020 brings the start of a new decade, but also a new chapter of my life as well. I wonder what it’ll bring.

Happy New Year! What are some of your wishes for 2020?

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